Temporary Insurance for Cars, Vans and Motorcycles

There are times when you need to borrow a friend or relative’s car for just a few days or equally, they may need to borrow yours. Maybe you need a test drive, or perhaps you just need more space to transport people or stuff. Often it makes more sense (and certainly costs a great deal less) to borrow a car from a friend, relation or colleague. Academy have teamed up with tempcover who have arranged temporary car insurance for hundreds of thousands of customers to provide complete peace of mind and safeguard their no claims bonuses. Short term car insurance is available for any vehicle that’s roadworthy and worth more than £1,000. Their comprehensive one day car insurance cover can also be extended to a full month if required.

Benefits include:

  • Instant insurance cover
  • Temporary additional cars and vans
  • Temporary additional drivers
  • Protect no-claims bonus
  • Immediate drive away cover
  • Vehicle demonstration

Short term car, van and motorcycle insurance is easier, quicker and cheaper than you might imagine. Simply click here for an online quote or click here to book a call for a no obligation quote entirely free of charge!


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